Vegan Loba

Vegan Loba is a Non-profit 501 (c)(3) all breed dog rescue. Our mission is to rescue, rehab and find permanent homes for all our rescues. We take abandoned, neglected and abused animals of all ages regardless of their breed. Rehab takes time but it's a very important part of the process and the journey each... Continue Reading →


Why did I become vegan? I get this question asked a-lot and I don’t have just one answer for this question. It’s a combination of multiple things such as being against factory farming, sustainability and my health. I  wasn’t born into a vegan family but I was very fortunate to have found my way and... Continue Reading →


I know transitioning into a vegan diet isn’t easy for everyone and it can also take a little longer for others. I completely understand this and have experience through this process since I also went through it myself. I wasn’t born into a vegan family and I honestly didn’t know much about following a balanced... Continue Reading →


When I became vegan I worked with many nutritionist who guided me through all the changes that I made in my diet. We talked about replacing protein, calcium and collagen was something we also talked in depth about. Natural collagen production slows down significantly as women reach the young age of 25 and it continues... Continue Reading →

Benefits of chlorophyll for Celiacs

Celiac disease causes many symptoms and conditions. We all know about the acid reflux, anemia, gas, menstrual problems, bloating, lymphatic issues and how negatively it affects our immune system. I remember the days when my acid reflux was so intense I thought I would have to go to the emergency room and I would become... Continue Reading →

The Monsters Hiding In Our Beauty Products

I read, investigate and question every product I buy. I will look into how clean the product is and what kind of reputation the company has built around their products. I question quality, eco friendliness and the company's transparency. If a company doesn't show much care for the environment or being against animal testing I... Continue Reading →

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