Why did I become vegan? I get this question asked a-lot and I don’t have just one answer for this question. It’s a combination of multiple things such as being against factory farming, sustainability and my health. I  wasn’t born into a vegan family but I was very fortunate to have found my way and transitioning myself into a vegan.Life has changed for me and those around me. I was even able to get my mom to become vegan and that was a huge accomplishment after many years of arguing about this subject. The truth is my mom and I struggled with this subject since I was 4 years old. I was a quiet child but one thing I made clear at a young age was that I didn’t like eating meat. I was 4 years old when I watched Dumbo for the first time and I remember just how disgusted I was with the circus after watching that movie. I had never been to the circus before  but at that point I realized just how against animal exploitation I was and that I would never support it or anything that put animals through abuse. My mom struggled to understand me for many many years and she even kept this whole situation a secret from the rest of the family. I come from a hispanic background and in my family not eating meat wasn’t accepted, the idea of not eating meat and animal products was not something that would stand. For the longest time I thought my mother was ashamed of me or embarrassed but years later I found out she feared me getting bullied for my beliefs. The reason she asked me not to speak about my beliefs was because she was trying to keep me away from negative comments.Mom’s always try and protect us and our feelings. They can’t help it. We got to the point where hiding my feelings and what I wanted to do was impossible. I refused to go to events and I couldn’t deal with the pressure of being expected to eat meat.  Eventually I became vegan and during the process my mom also decided to go vegan. In the end I had so many reasons for becoming vegan but what struck me the most was the abuse the farm animals are put through and the way they are tortured. In the end I knew I stood for the innocent animals that couldn’t speak, the environment and for spreading health awareness.




It would be a lie if I told you farm animals live happily on a farm the way they are portrayed on cartoons. All farm animals suffer and experience all sorts of torture from the moment they are born or brought into factory farms.Their days are full of abuse, neglect and there is no hope that the next day will be any better. It doesn’t matter if they are cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep, alpaca…. You name it. They are all prisoners locked up in tiny cages and some of them will never see daylight. They are starved, physically and mentally abused in every way. They live a life in fear and are beaten daily. Cows are very gentle and loving creatures that show emotions just as we do. They interact and socialize within their groups and they also build friendships. I have watched cows do all this while  also showing so much love and care for their calves. Cows produce milk, for the same reason we do. The whole purpose is to nourish our babies. In order for a cow to keep producing milk they are raped and impregnated repeatedly using what is called a “rape rack.” This inhumane act is done by having a person actually stick their arm into the cow’s rectum and insert in order to locate and position the uterus. After locating the uterus they force an instrument into her vagina. Female cows are repeatedly violated through artificial insemination. This is a heartbreaking and horrific. Cows have their babies taken away from them right after delivering. There is so much anguish, pain and distress in these mothers when they see their babies being dragged off. People might think these animals don’t feel or connect with their young the way we humans do but that is entirely untrue. These mothers love and only want to protect their babies in the same way we would protect our own children. They build bonds with their babies way before they deliver. The hurt, pain and trauma they experience when they have their babies stolen from them is real. There is nothing fake about it. Mother cows can be heard crying for days for their babies. Not a couple hours but days.  Female calves are sentenced to the same fate as their mothers. Male calves are sent to cramped crates where they are starved, never able to stand or see daylight, all for a piece of veal. Cows are hooked up to milking machines 2- more times per day. The system is broken, wrong, abusive and full of so much violence. Genetic engineering, drugs, milking regimens and artificial insemination are all done to a female cow in order to increase milk production. An average cow now produces 4x as much milk as a cow did in 1950. This is all done by using these cruel and violating practices.

Her body is exploited and violated until the very end, treated like it’s worthless. I can’t stand for this and I will never accept it. I don’t have children but I can’t imagine having my child ripped from my arms right after giving birth. The connection we make with our babies is the same and powerful connection these creatures make with their babies. We bleed, cry, mourn and hurt for our children alike. It’s the same blood, flesh and tears. Equally hurting and suffering. What we buy is what we support and the practices we promote in this world. I refuse to promote a system that causes so much pain, torture, hurt and murder too innocent animals. All mothers deserve respect and the right to protect their children. I can’t say I believe in women’s rights and support the rape of innocent animals. The sick and twisted practices, exploitation and abuse of their bodies can’t be overlooked as meaningless because they are living creatures who deserve the same respect as all women. I will not pay to have prisoners and to cause further pain in this world. I will not contribute to the negative but work until the very end to promote only love, healing and peace.




Animal farming is the most unsustainable practice. Over 37% of methane emissions is due to factory farming. What people don’t know is that methane has a global warming potential 20 times higher than carbon dioxide. We are always talking about saving our planet and just how drastically we need to make changes in order to stop global warming, well it all starts with putting an end to factory farming. Factory farming is responsible for deforestation. Over 260 million acres of forest have been destroyed to make room for crop fields. Most of these crop fields are used to grow livestock feed. This type of activity isn’t just happening in the United States. In Brazil 3 million acres of rainforest have been cleared in order to grow chickens. All this deforestation is responsible for releasing enough carbon into the atmosphere and increasing global warming by 50 percent. Our fresh water supply is running low and industrial agriculture sucks up 70 percent of our fresh water supplies. Water is polluted with agricultural run-off that destroys entire ecosystems and are toxic and can even be lethal for all of us. Concentrated animal feeding operations are massive cesspools that store animal waste and are known for leaking into adjacent waterways. What leaks into our waterways? Nitrates, drug resistant bacteria and dangerous microbes leak into the waterways. All this leads to toxic algae blooms  which are the cause for massive fish killing. Blue baby syndrome and abortions are caused by high levels of nitrates in drinking water that is caused by agricultural water pollution. Animal farming is not only destroying our planet, polluting our water supplies but also putting our ocean species to extinction. I can’t imagine an ocean without dolphins, fish and our ecosystem disappearing. If we don’t make changes now we will lose our ocean creatures and our planet will suffer for it. It’s not too late to put an end to this but we need to make changes now. We are responsible for taking care of our planet and we have to do a better job so that we have a good foundation to hand down to future generations. Forget us. What about our children? What will you leave behind for them? What condition do you want to leave our future generations in? It’s all in our hands and we must act before it’s too late. Global warming is responsible for extreme weather disasters, illness and famine.I don’t want to participate in the destruction of our earth. I want to make all the positive choices and most ethical decisions possible to protect our planet for our future generations.




Eating animal products is very unhealthy and has been proven to be the cause of so many types of cancer. Research has revealed that one-third of all cancers can be prevented within your control which include diet. Risks of colorectal cancer can be reduced by 9-18% by eating legumes. Increasing our fruits and veggies to 7 portions per day will lower the risk of dying from cancer by 15%. Vegans eat a diet full of legumes, fruits and vegetables which explains why we have a 15% lower chance of developing many types of cancers. Have you ever hear the whole myth on soy products causing cancer. It’s all just a myth. Research proves soy products actually reduce our chances of breast cancer, prostate and colon cancer.  This all might have to do with how vegans don’t consume any smoked or processed meats that are cooked at high temperatures and are connected to certain cancers. A vegan diet is excellent for lowering blood sugar levels and improving kidney function. Type 2 diabetes and declining kidney function benefits from a vegan diet. A vegan diet has been proven to lower blood sugar levels and stabilize them vs the diets from American Diabetes Association. On a study trial 43% of participants were able to reduce their dosage of blood- sugar- lowering medication compared to the 26 % in the group following the American Diabetes Association diet recommendations. Interestingly enough replacing meat for plant protein may reduce their risk of poor kidney function. I am a celiac and I run higher chances of becoming diabetic and also developing other illnesses. I know that though a vegan diet I am not only providing my body with clean plant powered energy but also gives my body food it easily can absorb. Getting rid of processed and fatty foods is best for living a healthier lifestyle. We cut out so many illnesses and health complications including heart disease by becoming vegan. I struggled so much with my health in the past and I can’t emphasize how a vegan diet impacted my health in the most positive way. I was able to see a huge difference within a month of going vegan. I felt more energetic, happier and my body no longer struggles to absorb the nutrients it needed. I suffered from fibromyalgia, bloating and feeling lethargic before becoming vegan. I was shocked when I no longer felt any of these things as I was transitioning to vegan. I have seen the wonders of living a vegan lifestyle and the many benefits it has on our health.


I want to live a life of compassion and love. I knew I wouldn’t be able to live this life if I was eating animal products and supporting the exploitation of animals. What we support we attract within our lives. Support negativity and you will attract that type of energy. I am at peace knowing I don’t contribute to the pain and suffering of innocent animals that can’t speak for themselves. With the peace I feel I have a balanced mind and live within a blissful environment. I have created the life and surrounded myself with the positivity I have always wanted by making the most ethical choices.  The changes that happen within us and the connection we make when we live compassionately is something I can’t describe completely but I can tell you it’s life changing. Saving our planet, making ethical choices, improving our health and loving all animals equally all go hand in hand. Your mental health and mood are altered positively. Things change when you make the connection between living compassionately vs supporting the evil animal farming industry. All of a sudden you open your eye to the reality, we take in all the violence and trauma we cause to those innocent animals. There’s power behind this and the decisions we make in life.  We can live a life surrounding ourselves with negativity, hurt and supporting the destruction of not only our earth but us or living a peaceful life connected to every living creature. We have deep roots to nature and it’s our life, we just have lost focus throughout the years. I saw all this and decided to turn my back on that vicious cycle. I focus on living a life where I move towards love and compassion, making them the foundation of everyday.




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3 thoughts on “WHY I BECAME VEGAN ?

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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and I’m going to hit follow. I want to go vegan, but my family won’t let me so this might cheer me up. 😕 if you want, you can check out my blog ( jaeeunandme.wordpress.com ) and I have a post on my thoughts on veganism. 🙂


  2. Love your blog and an amazing write up. It’s so heartbreaking and sadly true. My story is similar, where I stopped eating meat in my childhood when I realized that we are actually eating animals. Of course for me it was easier, considering India is vegetarian friendly, and the so-called caste I am born in, usually don’t eat meat anyway. I love the way you have struggled yet remained firm in your beliefs. Inspiring. Keep up the good work.


    1. 🙏💙💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️thank you so much for all your kind words. Yes, the struggle was there and I went through a lot to get to where I am now but I always think positively about it. Everything severe a purpose and pushed me further. Wow, I love Indian food. So delicious. Lucky, you have many many vegan dish options that are amazing fly delicious. Thank you so much 🙏💙💙💙


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