The Monsters Hiding In Our Beauty Products

I read, investigate and question every product I buy. I will look into how clean the product is and what kind of reputation the company has built around their products. I question quality, eco friendliness and the company’s transparency. If a company doesn’t show much care for the environment or being against animal testing I can bet you anything they don’t care much as to what they are giving their customers in terms of quality. After going through a horrible experience I realized the importance of questioning everything I use on my body and in my home. After-all our skin is the largest organ and it absorbs everything so it’s crucial we only exposed it to natural, clean invigorating products filled with raw antioxidants.

As I mentioned earlier it took a bad experience to get me to where I am now. Six years ago I came down with severe eye problems. It was so severe I was on steroids and artificial tears just to get by. My specialist was considering a surgical procedure already. I was very fortunate to meet a specialist who solved the mystery behind my sudden eye problems. Dr. Lee gave me a list of toxic chemicals commonly found in personal care products. I was instructed to get rid off all products containing these toxic chemicals. It took me three days to replace everything from laundry detergent, soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and cosmetics.I went from waking up every morning with severe eye pain, light sensitivity, chronic eye dryness and inflammation to perfectly health eyes all by replacing products that continued toxic chemical. Most people would find it hard to believe something so innocent like shampoo could be the culprit of so many health problems.

What is in our personal care products? What is it that these companies put in it? Let’s take a look.

Just to start off, we can’t trust products just because they are sold at the store. Did you know over 1,000 toxic ingredients are banned in Europe and not in the US? That’s a huge problem. There are 15 major toxic chemicals that are used in a lot of our everyday household and personal care products. Stay away from these. Replace the product for natural and non-toxic products. These toxic chemicals are responsible for, autoimmune diseases, cancer, eye problems, allergies, skin conditions, reproductive health issues and many other health conditions.

Name Cause
1 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) * Found in cleaning products and insecticide Liver damage, skin rashes, cancer and depression.
2 Fragrance Major organ system toxicity and clogs lymphatic system
3 Cocamidopropyl Betaine Allergic contact dermatitis, eye and skin irritation
4 Triclosan *has the ability to store in our fat cells and it keeps our body in a state of toxicity Endocrine & organ disruption, skin, lung and eye irritation
5 Polysorbates *Responsible for disrupting skin’s natural PH balance while also destroying skin’s natural protective barrier. Eyes, skin and lung irritation. Endocrine and organ disruption
6 Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) * Contains dangerous levels of dioxin found in ethoxylation process during manufacturing. May contain heavy metals like lead, nickel, arsenic… Organ system toxicity and direct link to cancer
7 Potassium Sorbate * Commonly used as a preservative in hair products Skin, organ and system toxicity
8 Phenoxyethol *It has been warned by FDA that Phenoxyethol may cause the central nervous system to shut down Vomiting, contact dermatitis, Skin, Eye and lung irritation
9 Retinyl Palmitate * Causes reproductive toxicity and speeds up the development of skin tumors & lesions Carcinogen. Reproductive and organ toxicity
10 Dimethicone *It’s non-biodegradabel making it horrible for the environment. Forms a plastic like barrier outside of the skin which traps impurities, bacteria and sebum. traps impurities to skin. irritation of the scalp, skin and eyes
11 Behentrimonium Chloride *damages eyes Inflammatory agent and irritates the skin.
12 Quaternium-15 * Contains formaldehyde which is a major carcinogenic
13 Ammonium Lauryl Sulfat/ Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) Damage hair and cause skin irritation
14 Parabens Mimics hormone estrogen and is liked to increase that chances of breast cancer
15 Phthalates *Found in most cosmetics and personal care product Increase risk of breast cancer and mimics hormone estrogen

The list continues. These are just 15 of the most common toxic chemicals we are exposed to everyday. I am disgusted when I see all that we are exposed to and the worst part is we pay for it. Some of the most luxurious beauty brands carry these harmful components in their products. Why pay for something that is going to backfire on you later down the road. It happened to me and it’s happening to many people around the world. Cancer, auto- immune diseases and health complications are being caused by the toxicity in the products we use everyday. I challenge you to a month detox of all the toxic agents in your products. You will be surprised how all of a sudden allergies are improving, lethargy is diminishing and your health is optimized. There are many clean, natural and non toxic products on the market for every budget.

Non toxic brands

Avalon Organics

Saavy Naturals

Acure Organics

John Masters

Beauty Counter

Aubrey Organics


Dr. Alkaitis

100% Pure.
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